QUEST RESEARCH - Market, Political, Governmental Research and Analysis Since 1966
Quest subscribes to the Code of Ethics of AAPOR.
40 Years Experience in
Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • Market Research
  • Policy Issue Specialists
  • Polls and Surveys
          Telephone, In Person, Mail, Internet
  • Focus Groups
  • Executive Interviews
  • Government Consulting
The Quest Research Team has produced thousands of studies efficiently and on time. 
Our CEO and research director, Dr. Vic Profughi is a member of AAPOR and subscribes to its Code of Professional Ethics and Practices
We have extensive experience in
  • Survey design
  • Computer, user friendly programming and automatic data entry
  • Report writing and presentation
And use state-of the art technology
that is second to none in the industry
We offer reliable soup to nuts consultation services from project planning to research and message delivery.
We will design and help you implement a step-by-step, cost-effective plan to achieve optimum results in meeting your goals.
State-of-the-art technology
and software provides exceptional results
Voter File ServicesBest and Most Comprehensive Current
                                                         Voter Files
Accurate Focus Inc.
      Rhode Island's Premier Focus Facility

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