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Market, Political, Governmental Research and Analysis Since 1966

Comprehensive and Current

Simply the Best Voter Files

Unlike others Quest uses only the most up-to-date voter files that reflect the most recent changes made to voter lists.

Phone numbers include all available numbers (cell and land lines) from official voter files, enhanced by numbers available on commercial lists.

Enhanced voter files include:

  • Names and complete addresses of voters (including postal carrier routes)
  • Party affiliation
  • Telephone number
  • Dates of birth
  • Ethnic and gender codes
  • Voting history.
  • And virtually any enhancement to maximize micro socio-demographic targeting

Files can be further enhanced to incorporate any commercially available personal data -- including (but certainly not limited to)

  • Rental or home ownership (and value of the home, as well as what they pay in mortgage)

  • Children in household (and their ages)
  • Employers and occupation
  • Household income
  • Voter hobbies and interests 

Quest also can provide:

  • Direct Mailing Services (Bycarrier   routes) Voters can be selected on the basis of any number of criteria at no additional cost!)
  • Telephone Voter Contact Services (Voter Identification, Persuasive Calls, GOTV – Person or ROBO

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