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Market, Political, Governmental Research and Analysis Since 1966

URI Psc/Lrs 503 syllabus Main Topics and Dates

February 5 Planning and Strategic Resource Management

February 12Job Analysis, Evaluation, Classification, Descriptions

February 26 Pay for Performance

                        Gender and Racial Pay Inequities

Benefits -- Health Insurance, Disability, Pensions, Paid Time Off, Insurance, Family Benefits, Flex, EAP

March 5                   Affirmative Action,

                               Racial, Gender, Age, Disability Discrimination

                               Sexual Harassment

                               Undocumented Immigrants in the workplace

March 19 Employee Recruitment and Selection

                  Testing Alternatives,


                  Background Checks

March 26   Benefits of Training and Development

                  Training and Development Options

April 2       Topics:                         Performance Evaluation

                  Disciplinary Due Process

                  Due Process Rights of Public Employees

April 9                                Safety and Health in the Workplace

                  Topics:             OSHA,

                  Workplace Violence


                  Wellness Programs

April 16   Rights and Responsibilities of Workers Religion, Speech

                  Privacy in the workplace

                  Drug Testing

April 23            Collective Bargaining & Unionization

April 30            Volunteers

                         Nonprofit Boards

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